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Sanitation Services

The City of Brunswick provides residential household garbage pickup, recycling, and yard trimming pickup for a monthly fee. This service is provided by Waste Management through a contract with the City of Brunswick. The monthly fee includes weekly dumping of household garbage and yard trimmings (leaves, brush and limbs that do not exceed 4" in diameter or over 4' in length).

Commercial service is provided by the City through the Waste Management contract using 95 gallon containers and dumpsters are available (billed by the vendor) from vendors licensed by the City of Brunswick (contact us at 912-267-3703 for a current list). Other debris may be disposed of by request for an additional fee. Please call 912-267-3703 for estimates on "pay as you throw" piles.

Sanitation Services Contract Supervisor:
Becky Gravley
Dispatch # 912-267-3703

How do I start household garbage pick up service?

Starting household garbage service is simple!
  1. Just go to the first floor of the City Hall Complex at 601 Glouchester St..
  2. Bring a valid US Government issued ID
  3. Bring your Social Security card
  4. Bring a $50.00 can deposit - Commercial Customers only
  5. Commercial Customers bring a copy of your W-9
  6. After your account is setup we will deliver your can to you in 7-10 business days.

Sanitation Services
The City of Brunswick provides the following services for the City of Brunswick:
  • Residential Garbage Collection
  • Commercial Garbage Collection (95 Gallon Cans Only) (Dumpsters available through licensed vendors)
  • Yard Trash Removal (leaves, brush and limbs that do not exceed 4" in diameter or over 4' in length)
  • Special Trash/Debris Removal (Call 912-267-3703 for Information)
  • Back Door Pick Up Service for Handicapped or Disabled Residents
    • Residents must have a FORM filled out annually by a physician
    • Download THIS FORM
    • There is no extra charge for this service
Basic Rates and Fees for Services:
  • Household Garbage Weekly Pickup - $17.50 per month billed annually on your property tax bill.
  • Commercial Accounts with a can - $22.10 per month per can
  • Extra Garbage that Will not Fit Into Container - call 912-267-3703 for estimate
  • Special Pickups for Household Trash or Debris - call 912-267-3703 to arrange for an estimate

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  1. Am I required to have residential garbage service?
    Yes. You must have resdiential garbage service per the city ordinance.
  2. I have moved to another location in the city, do I take my trash can with me?
    No. When you discontinue your sanitation service, and transfer to the new location you will be issued a new garbage can for that location.
  3. My garbage can was stolen, what do I need to do?
    If you cannot find your garbage can contact Customer Service at 912-267-5512.
  4. Where should I place yard trash?
    Make sure yard trash is placed near the road, but not on the city streets, curbs or right-of-way. Placing trash too near the street is violation of the City of Brunswick municipal code.
  5. What can I do if I see illegal dumping in the city?
    Report any violations to the City of Brunswick at 912-267-5587.

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