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Sanitation Services

The city of Brunswick provides residential and commercial sanitation services throughout the city. It includes weekly garbage service; yard maintenance debris pick up and bi weekly recycling. The services are provided by Republic Services through a contract with the City of Brunswick. All subscribed customers are billed through the City Billing Department. All issues, regarding garbage, yard waste, recycling or Bulk Pick ups can be directed to:

Sanitation Contract Supervisor:
Becky Gravley

How do I start sanitation services?
  1. Go to City Hall at 601 Gloucester street or call 912-267-5512, to make sure that you have a current sanitation account.
  2. Bring Valid Government ID
  3. Commercial Customers will need a $50 deposit and a current business license on file.
  4. After account is confirmed, a can will be delivered within 7-10 business days.

Sanitation Services

The city of Brunswick provides the following sanitation services:

Residential Garbage Collection - Collection items must be in a contractor approved container, garbage must be bagged within the container, no items outside of the container will be removed and no hazardous materials will be disposed of. Garbage collection starts at 7am, so residents may place the carts at the street side the afternoon before. Please note there is an ordinance on how long your cans, may stay at the curb, check with Code Enforcement regarding these regulations.

Commercial Garbage Collection - (95-gallon cans only) Dumpsters are available through licensed vendors

Recycling - Approved Collection items can be placed in Marked Recycle Containers for single stream recycling only. Please see list for approved items. Items are not to be bagged, put placed loose in the container. This is a bi-weekly service and will be collected on the same day as garbage removal.

Backdoor Services - This service is available for our Handicapped or Disabled residents with a current physician signed form on file. Forms are to be renewed yearly and are valid from January to December per calendar year.

Yard Maintenance Waste Removal - Consist of the removal of leaves, limbs that are shorter than 4' and 4" in diameter, pine straw and brush clippings. One (1) pile per subscribed property will be removed, piles must not exceed a 6x6x6 area.

Any yard waste contaminated with paper, garbage, misc. debris, or any unnatural clippings, will Not be removed.

Bulk Pickups - Residential customers are allotted (2) Bulk Pickups per calendar year. After scheduling the pickup thru Sanitation, you may begin to place items at the Right of Way for removal.

Specifications for the debris piles are as follows:

Piles are not to exceed a 6x6x6 area. This can include appliances, furniture, bagged misc. debris, grills, or inquire when scheduling.

NOT Accepted are: Construction debris, hazardous chemicals, batteries, or tires

All Pick ups for Yard Waste and Bulk Pickups, will not be completed if they are placed under low lying cable/power lines or tree limbs and must have a 3-foot clearance around the pile. Do not place piles, next to mailboxes, fences, power poles, on top of water meters or any other grounded objects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  1. Am I required to have garbage service?
    Yes, you must have residential garbage service per the City of Brunswick ordinance.
  2. I have moved to another location in the city, do I take my can with me?
    No, when you discontinue your service at one location and move to another, your new location will be issued a can for that location.
  3. My garbage was missed, who do I contact?
    Contact the sanitation office at 912-267-3703. Missed collection of a cart(s) must be reported within 48 hours. If your can was placed too close to vehicles, mailboxes, cars or other grounded items, you may be charged a fee for a return pick up. Also make sure your can is facing the correct direction.
  4. My garbage can is missing or has been stolen, what do I need to do?
    Please confirm with customer service at 912-267-5512 that your account is up to date, check the surrounding area for the can, report the day it went missing and know that you may be subject to a replacement cost for repeat occurrences.
  5. Where should I place yard waste and Bulk Debris pick up materials?
    Yard waste and Bulk Piles will be collected from the property’s right of way. Debris must be placed on property, not in the street or obstructing views of traffic. Piles must not exceed a 6x6x6 area or they will not be removed.
  6. What do I do if I see Illegal Dumping?
    Report any violations to Code Enforcement at 912-267-5586 or 912-267-5587. Callers can remain anonymous, but any details including tag #’s, descriptions of vehicles or names or addresses will help prosecute illegal dumpers.

Updated 5.20.2020

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