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Pavement & Grounds Division

The Pavement & Grounds Division is the backbone of the Public Works Department. It is responsible for maintenance of the cities infrastructure including roads, streets, trees, storm drains, ditches, sidewalks, buildings, and support equipment for construction projects.

The division also helps to meet the Federal and State requirements for keeping and maintaining our storm drains, and ditches as set forth in our Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) permit.

Pavement & Grounds Division:
Supervisor: Emmett Head
Dispatch: 912-267-3703

What does the Pavement & Grounds Division do?
  1. Keeps the City of Brunswick looking clean and beautiful.
    • By picking up litter
    • By cutting and trimming grass and trees.
    • By cleaning sidewalks and right-of-ways.
    • By sweeping streets using street sweeper trucks.

  2. Maintains roads, streets, alleys, and sidewalks by:
    • Making sure roads and streets stay safe, and in good repair.
    • Patching or repairing pot holes, damaged curbs, and sidewalks.
    • Maintaining our beautiful downtown sidewalks.

  3. Maintains Storm Drains and Ditches by:
    • Keeping storm drains and ditches clean and free of debris.
    • Cleaning catch basins and manholes.
    • Inspecting storm drains and ditches to insure they are not showing signs of illicit discharges.
    • Making repairs and/or modifications to storm drains and ditches as needed or required.
    • Mapping & inspecting storm drain & ditch system with equipment such as our video truck.

  4. Provide equipment and support for all city projects including:
    • Hauling dirt to repair right-of-ways, alleys, and driveways, and for other city department projects as needed.
    • Providing heavy and light equipment to support city construction and repair projects as needed.
    • Trimming and cutting down trees as directed.
    • Performing carpenter work in city buildings as requested.
    • Providing other support as directed by the Public Works Director.

How can the citizens of Brunswick help with our mission?
  1. Keep debris and yard trash away from our ditches and drains.
    • The trash and debris block drains and ditches.
    • It can cause flooding and environmental damage.

  2. Report any problems to our 24 hour dispatch number.
    • Report any problems or concerns to our dispatch # at 912.267.5578.

  3. Go to our Stormwater Management Page for more information!

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image Pavement & Grounds Division
Supervisor Emmett Head